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Hand-Crafted Reproduction Advent Calendar - Moonlit Village

Hand-Crafted Reproduction Advent Calendar - Moonlit Village

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Made in Germany


Limited Edition

The first known Advent Calendar was produced by hand around 1851 in Germany. Mainly a Protestant tradition, chalk-lines were ticked off as the days grew closer to Christmas. The first Advent Calendars didn't have windows to open. These were added early in the 20th century.

Our enchanting reproduction (from 1955) Moonlit Village Advent Calendar is approximately 19 inches wide, 8-1/2 inches high and over 11 inches deep. As you open the calendar, the three-dimensional scene of a winter town unfolds miraculously!

Young and old alike will marvel at the simple pleasure of opening each window, anticipation building as nearer the date you arrive! This calendar is not glittered, so you may choose to add a hint of mica glitter flakes to reflect your holiday lights.

Advent Calendars are re-usable, so start a new family tradition this year!

It is especially nice because this lovely advent calendar was crafted by hand!

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