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Hand-Impressed token: THE WONDER OF IT ALL

Hand-Impressed token: THE WONDER OF IT ALL

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Made in USA

At a carnival in the 1950s, I made one of these wonderful tokens on a very special mechanical device. After thinking for what seemed to be ages of just the right sentiment, I impressed my name. 40 years later, my dear friend, Juliana and I found ourselves high atop a New York City landmark, and behold another of the very special machines!

This time, at Juliana's urging, we each made one just like the one in the illustration above, with the sentiment:


These machines are no longer manufactured, but you can find them few and far between at old-time amusement parks and other special places.

We found a wonderful new buddy, Tom, who has a machine of his own and he was kind enough to make these one at a time so we could offer them to SilverCrow's customers. He not only made them one at a time - and each letter had to be selected and then individually impressed manually on to each token!

If you can behold each day with wonder and treasure each of your friends as I do Juliana, then you'll need one of these for each of you. Add a simple ball chain key chain or necklace to compliment that old-fashioned feeling.

Each silvery token measures about 1-1/4 inch in diameter and features a four-leaf clover in the center, surrounded by the words:


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