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Hand Made & Painted Tin Cucaracha (Cockroach) Ornament

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La cucaracha, or the common cockroach, is not usually co…
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* Made in Mexico

La cucaracha, or the common cockroach, is not usually considered a totem animal, but in ancient (as well as current) folklore and symbolism, they represent the tenacity of survival in a life that might throw anything at you.

We love these hand-made tin ornaments because of their craftsmanship and their meanings. We are reminded of the continuity and connections in life.

Our little bug is made of tin and painted in vibrant colors (which may vary slightly). After S/he is hand cut and measures approximately 4-5/8 inches long by 3 inches wide.

This interesting  tin ornament has been created by Mexican artisans in the old tradition and then hand painted or adorned. The tin is embossed and debossed for effect and this helps to make the roach appear as though s/he is already moving.

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