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Hand Painted Antique Style Wooden Icon: Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Hand Painted Antique Style Wooden Icon: Our Lady of Perpetual Help

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Made in Greece


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Our Lady of Perpetual Help is one of the many titles given to the Blessed Virgin Mary. A Byzantine icon named Our Lady of Perpetual Help was created sometime between the 13th and 15th centuries (there has been much controversy over the exact date).

The original icon has been in Rome since at least the late 15th century, but is truly in the style of an Icon of the Eastern Orthodox Church. She is known in the Orthodox iconography as the Theotokos of the Passion. Catholics have long revered this image as representative of the ability of Mary to intercede with their prayers to Jesus Christ, her son, pictured with her in the icon.

Included with the icon is a complete description of the image as well as an explanation of how icons, including this one, are painted. The icon has been hand-painted in Greece with egg, tempura and gold leaf.

This icon arrives with a certificate of authenticity sealed onto the back of the wood. A stamp has been added as well as a wax seal from the artist. The certificate is in English, French, German and Spanish and reads:

This icon is hand made. It is a selected copy of an old Byzantine icon worked on canvas, old wood and set in a gold background.

This lovely icon was created to portray an antique style, which might include the creation of dents, use of rusted rings, dents in the icon itself, and a waxed overlay for protection. The results of these techniques should not be construed as a defect in the product, but rather a part of the design.

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