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Hand Painted Day of the Dead Pendant - One of a Kind

Hand Painted Day of the Dead Pendant - One of a Kind

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Created for us by Los Mestizos - the world-famous Chicano folk art team of Kathy Cano-Murillo (The Crafty Chica) and her husband Patrick Murillo, this cute wooden pendant - or key fob, features muertos at a Day of the Dead party.

Accented with a touch of glitter, which we all need in our lives, the pendant is painted red along the edges and reverses to a typically Mexican design on the back.

A close up couple show us what fun we might be having with a chimenea to keep them warm and some mariachis in the background, creating the perfect mood.

It was designed and made by Los Mestizos and will add some art to your day!

We've added a little ball chain so that you can use it immediately as a key chain. If you prefer, remove it and add a chain, cord or ribbon to make your own necklace.

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