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Once you have gone through... Hand Painted Note Card

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* Made in USA
SilverCrow Creations is proud to offer this wonderful work of art that disguises itself as a greeting card! Created by J.Stone Cards, one by one, each card measures 3-3/4 by 7-1/4 inches, and is individually hand painted in watercolor on elegant 100% cotton cream colored card stock with a matching envelope. It is blank inside, reading on the outside:

once you have gone through
the worst that could ever
happen, and survived it:
you will have transcended
fear & anger & sorrow
in a way
that will set you free
forever more...

We love the sentiment, especially as it is complemented by the rainbow of color beyond the natural tree doorway, with the soaring birds flying free.

You'll rest assured that your missive will be treasured for years to come when sent inside one of these beautiful works of art

Each J. Stone card/verse/design etc is registered by COPYRIGHT and by TRADEMARK. Federal Law and Good Karma prohibit you from duplicating any of this without explicit permission from J Stone Cards, Inc.

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