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Hand-Painted Papyrus Portrait #6 - Trio with Orbs - Suitable for Framing

Hand-Painted Papyrus Portrait #6 - Trio with Orbs - Suitable for Framing

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Made in Egypt


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Each of these lovely portraits has been hand painted on real papyrus. The inks and paints are both natural and modern. The artist has added real gold to the metallic gold paint. We love the earthiness of the images and the quality of the artwork for such a reasonable price.

The colorful design is deeply ingrained in the mythology and traditions of this ancient culture. There are three figures. One might be a god, the others, a man and a woman. There are golden orbs floating above two of the people. Above them all are hieroglyphs and other symbols as well.

Each painting measures just over 7-1/4 by just over 5-1/8 inches. It might be easily trimmed to fit a standard frame as there is an unpainted border surrounding the image. Artwork like this also looks nice when placed atop a matt and allowed to float freely over the backing.

Papyrus is made from the reeds of the plant growing along side the Nile River. It is prepared by slicing, soaking, pressing and drying - the outcome is a completely organic paper that does not destroy the environment during production! It is thought to be the world's first paper.

This would be marvelous for the background of an art project, but it would look terrific with a simple or ornate frame.

All of the portraits are similar to this one, with a few colors and symbols exchanged. It has been signed by the artist. Each one of these has been produced by the same artist. Please allow for the variation expected in hand made art.

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