Handmade Gaia Bracelet (Available in 2 Shades)
Earth & Wind

Handmade Gaia Bracelet (Available in 2 Shades)

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* Made in India
* Fair Trade

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Named for the Greek deity that personifies Earth our Gaia necklace is available in both Earth (green) and Wind (blue) tones.

Each multi-strand (six loops) bracelet is made up of Fair Trade glass and brass beads strung on flexible beading wire. An adjustable chain is attached allowing bracelet fit sizes 6 to 8-1/2 wrists.

As can be seen in our pictures, each bracelet has a blend of colors; multiple shades of green on the Earth bracelet and multiple shades of blue mixed with a dash of green on the Wind bracelet.

These bracelets are handmade in India at the home of the artisan, allowing them to care for their children while earning a living in alignment with their traditions.

Please allow for some minor variation which will make your bracelet more yours.

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