Handmade Gaia Necklace (Available in 3 Shades)
The Universe (Earth, Wind & Fire)

Handmade Gaia Necklace (Available in 3 Shades)

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* Made in India

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It may not make you a shining star, but no matter who you are, our Gaia necklace will look dazzling on you.

Named after the personification of Earth in Greek mythology, our Gaia necklaces are available in Earth (green), Wind (blue) and Fire (red) tones.

Each single strand necklace is made with Fair Trade glass and brass beads strung on flexible beading wire allowing you to fashion it in a number of different ways by wrapping. The lobster claw clasp allows for easy connecting and disconnecting.

Each necklace measures approximately 54 inches. As you can see in our pictures, each necklace has a blending of colors. For example, multiple shades of red are used on the red necklace and the blues are mixed with a touch of green.

These necklaces are handmade in India at the home of the artisan, allowing them to care for their children while earning a living in alignment with their traditions. 

Please allow for some minor variation which will make your necklace truly unique to you.

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