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Handmade Mexican Papier Mâché Puta Doll - MINI (5-7 inches)

Handmade Mexican Papier Mâché Puta Doll - MINI (5-7 inches)

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Made in Mexico

How fascinating this doll is! Each is completely different from the next - some even have names painted on them! Made from papier mâché, our large Mexican cabaret (or Puta) doll measures about 5-1/2 to 6 inches when standing. However, she sits much more easily.

Her colorful clothing is accented with intricate artwork (usually flowers) and glitter jewelry highlights. The movable arms and legs are attached with thread and allow you to pose her in many different ways. We love sitting several of them together, as though a fiesta was waiting to happen!

Each is hand made and painted, so everyone is different. Although we have several colors, we're never sure which ones we'll get. If you request a special color, we'll do our best! Please let us choose a doll for you.

We're showing three mini puta dolls so that you might see the variation, please let us choose one for you.

This is not a toy. Please ensure adult supervision for children.

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