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Handmade Miniature Plate of Enchiladas

Handmade Miniature Plate of Enchiladas

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Made in Mexico

When we discovered these little plates of food, we were in awe! How tremendously detailed they are. When we ordered them from the artist, we asked for them to be similar, so that we could feature them here at SilverCrow. And we received only a few of each meal.

This isn't just a miniature, each one is a work of art. The little tortillas are rolled so perfectly and we just love the whole thing - it looks good enough to eat, especially for little people and for tiny shrines and ofrendas.

Of course, because these are handmade, they will vary slightly in form and size. Each plate is approximately 1-3/4 inch in diameter and about 1/2 inch from the table to the top. Please allow for the variation that defines hand made wonders like this!

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