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Handmade Saint Francis Bulto Statue in Niche with Crow

Handmade Saint Francis Bulto Statue in Niche with Crow

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Made in Mexico

Animal and nature lovers have long had a sincere connection to Saint Francis of Assisi, and he has become one of the most popular saints of all time. Although his home was in Italy, the Franciscan Friars brought their love for him to the New World. Many missions in Mexico and the southwest United States were created by the Franciscans.

We commissioned this lovely nicho and Santo in much the same way that the original settlers did - unless they were talented enough to make retablos or Santos themselves. It was created just for us by artist and folklorist Bryant "Eduardo" Holman before his untimely death. The original versions of such religious artwork were often made for small chapels and the settlers' homes and created by itinerant artists.

Each of these is handmade of recycled wood - Mexican rejas (fruit crates) and then hand painted. each entire piece measures just between 12 and 13 inches high. Each is handmade, so please allow for some variation.

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