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Handy Dandy Fingernail Cleaner or What Have You

Handy Dandy Fingernail Cleaner or What Have You

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Made in Canada
How many uses can you come up with for this wonderful little creation.

Our handy dandy fingernail cleaner is perfect for just that, cleaning under your fingernails. It will help remove paint, clay, glitter, whatever you get under them while creating your magic. And, of course, the flat side will help you push your cuticles right into shape.

Of course there is far more to this special little cleaner. It also can help you clean tiny crevices, such as in the kitchen, bath, your car, etc. How about using it as an applicator in your artwork. The fine point on the end could be just what you need for that fine detail. The flattened side would be great for spreading a thin strip of paint or glue.

As you can see in our first picture, the pointed end (on the right) is curved so as to most effectively clean under your nails. The flat side (on the left) 

The cleaner measures 2-15/16 inch long by 9/16 inch at its widest.

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