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Hanging Aluminum Pot Incense Burner
Hanging Aluminum Pot Incense Burner

Hanging Aluminum Pot Incense Burner

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This simple, rustic looking pot will be ideal for all of your cone and charcoal incense burning. No matter the spiritual need, this pot is ready to help you create the ideal aroma.

But wait, look at our second, third and last pictures. That's not incense in the pot, it's flowers. 

We thought your dolls and miniatures would adore the chance to care for their own garden. Your little ones will love this pot for growing a beautiful collection of flowers to show off to their neighbors. In our pot, we have our vintage blue and pink forget-me-nots. We also added a red gnome to help protect the garden at night.

The pot measures 2 inches high (without the handle) and 4 inches wide at its widest. The handle, which is quite slim, adds an additional 4-1/2 inches. 

The flowers and gnome are not included with the pot.

Not for use by children. Never leave burning incense unattended.

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