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Hanging Evil Eye Talisman

Hanging Evil Eye Talisman

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Made in Turkey
Evil eye amulets, charms and the like; such as our talisman, are used to ward off evils that cause injuries and misfortunes.

Our glass evil eye talisman is ready to watch over your home. Simply hang it on the wall with the attached metal chain, or use your own chain to hang it. 

Of course, you could also turn this talisman into a pendant to prominently feature on your favorite necklace. Or take it off of the chain and add it to your favorite shrine. Maybe even create a collage with it as the central piece. 

The talisman measures about 2-3/4 inch tall including the hanging loop by 2-1/8 inches wide.

As can be seen in our pictures, the talismans, being handmade, are not precisely the same. So please, let us choose one for you.

We cannot guarantee that this talisman will magically protect your home and family from injuries and misfortunes.

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