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Hank of Viscose Rayon Straw Raffia in Pale Sky Blue

Hank of Viscose Rayon Straw Raffia in Pale Sky Blue

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Made in Japan

Although this is not the natural raffia made of straw, it is mad of rayon - so it is not synthetic at all! Because rayon is manufactured from cellulose fiber, it is truly one of the most renewable products around. The naturally occurring polymers in the plant cellulose make it not a synthetic, but it is not actually natural either as it must be manufactured to be used.

We think this an important, point, but, as philosophers, we agree that it could be argued that even natural wool yarn must be manufactured (spun) before it is used.

Now that all argument is aside, we must say that we love this stuff. It is great for wrapping presents. It adds a touch of elegance when used a s a bow on an organza bag. And we love it for making Ojos de Dios (God's Eye) ornaments.

You can use it as is (about 1/8 inch wide) or spread the width (to 7/8 inch). Either way, the lovely sky blue color will accent many projects nicely.

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