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Hieroglyphical Signatures - Puzzles from the mid-19th Century

Hieroglyphical Signatures - Puzzles from the mid-19th Century

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This elegant folder of games was a favorite amusement during the 19th century was the creation and deciphering of rebus puzzles. The word rebus is Latin for by things. A rebus is composed of pictures that suggest the syllables of the word they represent.

Hieroglyphical Signatures is a reproduction of a mid-19th century rebus series created by J.T. Hart. The beautiful ribbon-tied portfolio holds six individual sheets containing hundreds of delicate miniature illustrations depicting the names of composers, musicians, vocalists, chorus singers and theatrical performer. The original plates have been recreated as found with some of the illustrations having been deftly hand-colored while others were left charmingly monochromatic. The seventh sheet is the original key for solving each of the rebus puzzles!

Among these enigmatic representations, you'll find the names of many renowned personalities such as Beethoven, Chopin and, of course, Shakespeare. There are also many names of those who were very popular contemporaries of the mid 1800s who are now less well known.

Historians will find this game most challenging, while the exquisite drawings provide inspiration to those with a creative eye.

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