Intricately Cut Papel Picado for Your Wedding in 2 Sizes

Intricately Cut Papel Picado for Your Wedding in 2 Sizes

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Our magnificent hand-cut banners are remarkably intricate! The skillful cuttings reflect symbols and mementos of love and marriage! What a superb decoration for a wedding shower or to add a traditionally festive flair at an outdoor or indoor wedding!

Typical of the traditional tissue paper cuttings which are all hand made, the images may vary slightly and the banners are approximate in size. The panels are connected by matching string. The strings on each end are ample for tying your banner in place. The strings may vary in length. Each banner has 10 panels, separated by string.

At this time, we do not have a photo for the LARGER size. Along with being larger, the panel patterns are more intricate with the same theme.

  • Medium - almost 14 feet long - each panel is 14-1/4 inches wide by about 11-1/4 inches high
  • Large (not shown) - almost 17 feet long - each panel is 18-1/2 inches wide by about 13-3/4 inches high

Although specifically made for wedding celebrations, our Papel Picado can also be used for just about any celebration including the Day of the Dead, birthdays and other fiestas - so, you'll want to be sure to get more than one.

These are Fair Trade made by traditional paper cutting artisans.

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