Isadora Duncan Art Postcard
Isadora Duncan Art Postcard

Isadora Duncan Art Postcard

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In a famous photograph by Arnold Genthe, Isadora Duncan reaches her hands toward the sky in a gesture of the modern dance for which she was so well known. The photo was taken sometime between 1915 and 1918. An elegant woman, she was also known for her modern ideas and lifestyle.

She is often thought to be the creator of modern dance as an art form. She was enamoured with the new and sympathized with communism. Most of her adult life was spent in Paris and in Moscow. Her life was quite scandalous, having borne two children out of wedlock, who later drowned in an odd automobile accident with their nanny.

She, too, died in a freak automobile accident, when one of her beloved long and flowing silk scarves was caught in the wheel of an open car as she was riding. It strangled her at age 50. She lived that short life fully and is remembered in so many artistic ways.

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