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Jack on the Run Hand Made Pendant

Jack on the Run Hand Made Pendant

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Made in USA


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Oh, oh, whatever has this scallywag been up to? The mischievous pumpkin man is running along through the stars. Pumpkin men do that, you know!

The pendant is 1- 1/2 inch tall (the hanging loop adds 1/4 inch) by 1 inch wide. The glass protects the image and is sealed with silver solder.

Hand-made by our friends in Salem, Massachusetts, we're delighted to offer you this creepy little pendant. Rebecca DeVries and Mr Reush are well respected artists of collage, paint, assemblage, and other such artistic fineries. They no longer make jewelry, so this piece is ever so special. Created as a small print of the original larger creation.

Another special piece found in our treasure trove. Keep looking for more.

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