Kimberly 12-Piece Watercolor Pencil Set
Kimberly 12-Piece Watercolor Pencil Set

Kimberly 12-Piece Watercolor Pencil Set

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These premium handcrafted Kimberly Watercolor Pencils are handcrafted with sustained yield incense cedar wood, a renewable resource. Created by the General Pencil Company, the pencils are made with the proprietary Carbo-Weld bonding process for smooth sharpening, strength and reliability.

These are true colored pencils, so you can use them just as they are - or, you can enjoy their special watercolor effect to create your own watercolor painting - even if you've never painted before. Use them for fine art, or to accent rubber stamping, scrapbooking and tons of other paper crafts.

There are two techniques described on the package to get you started and reference to step-by-step instructions is listed for further study. You'll be delighted with the outcome!

Wet Brush Technique - Draw with a pencil or pencils. Go over the drawing with a wet brush. Then add details and lines while the drawing is still wet.

Palette Technique - ON a separate piece of paper, sketch small swatches of color to create a palette. Then, take a paint brush filled with water and activate the palette swatch color. The more water on the brush, the lighter the color; the less water, the darker and more concentrated the color. This technique is the same as painting from a pan.

Our favorite technique combines both with rubber stamping. Simply stamp your scene in waterproof ink (or emboss it). Then paint away! Warning - these pencils are addictive.

These are safe and non-toxic pencils.

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