Konfekthalter Rare Vintage Wire for Old Ornaments
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Konfekthalter Rare Vintage Wire for Old Ornaments

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Just wait until you see what you can do with these rare fine tinsel wires made of silver plated drawn and twisted wire! They are known as konfekthalter, or confection holders - perfect for your vintage tree, feather tree, or what have you. Originally designed as metal elements of European passementerie for decorating the uniforms of military officers and some royalty, they also found use in lace, jewelry and find chains. And of course, for hanging ornaments and sweets on your tree.

The copper wire is plated with silver, so over time, you'll find that the patina will make them even more nostalgic. These are old store stock from long, long ago, in unused condition. Each bundle holds approximately 20 slim wires twisted together. A single wire is easy to remove from the bundle, but please do so with care.

In our illustrations, we are demonstrating how vintage konfekthalter, confectionery holders, the silvery thin metal wires can be twisted into a hook.

To start, separate one of the slim wires from the twisted bundle.

Then you have two choices: one for super light ornaments; the other for ornaments that are a bit larger. These are not meant for super heavy ornaments, as most of the ornaments were made of glass, or were sweets made just for the holidays.

You'll see two hooks in the 3rd illustration - here's how to use them:

For the first sample, just slip the wire through the ornament and then twist on top (left).

Or, twist the wire in half, and slide the wire through your ornament (or confection); placing the center of the now doubled wire right through the loop at the at the top of your ornament cap; then with the two ends of the wire at the top, twist the doubled wire and form a hook (right).

We have two lengths available:
  • Small - 4-3/8 inches (11cm)
  • Large - 4-3/4 inches (12 cm)
Christmas ball for illustration only; not included.

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