La Mano Poderosa (Powerful Hand) Post Card
La Mano Poderosa (Powerful Hand) Post Card

La Mano Poderosa (Powerful Hand) Post Card

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The striking image on this wonderful post card finds its roots in the Roman Catholic traditions. In English, the image is known as the Powerful Hand, and in Spanish, as la Mano Poderosa. It will make the perfect background for a shrine or ofrenda.

The central image is the right hand of God with fingers and thumb stretched upright. The palm, with its stigmata, faces us.

Atop the four fingers are St Joachim and St Anne, the parents of the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph and the Blessed Mother Mary herself.

Christ, as a child, is illustrated on the thumb. The most common representation of the Powerful Hand includes small winged cherub-heads (Putti) floating in the clouds above the hand. Four young female angels surround the hand (usual two on the left and two on the right). These angels are holding the tools of the crucifixion of Christ: One of the angels holds a bowl to capture Jesus' blood. The next holds a spear, a vinegar soaked-sponge, a hammer and nails. The third, uniquely gazing at the ground, holds the cross. And the fourth holds the notorious crown of thorns.

Most popular in Mexico, but celebrated in all the countries practicing the Roman Catholic Religion, the Mano Poderosa symbolizes the all-powerful nature of God, and is probably based in pagan symbolism as well - as they prophesied the coming of an omnipotent Christ.

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