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La Mano Poderosa (Powrful Hand) Talisman

La Mano Poderosa (Powrful Hand) Talisman

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Made in USA and Mexico

The image of the Most Powerful Hand or Mano Poderosa, has been brought to us from Hispanic influences far back in to the beginnings of Christianity.

The upward-pointing hand has been used as a talisman for centuries, dating back to Ancient Rome. It has generally been used as a charm against enchantment because it possesses secret and kabalistic power within its symbols. In modern times, the most common realization of an upward-pointing human hand is La Mano Ponderosa (The Powerful Hand) found in Roman Catholic symbolism.

Our Mano Poderosa talisman features a multicolor charm as well as scapular images and prayers in English and Spanish as well as a small clothe bag for safe-keeping. Colors and charms vary slightly, so please let us choose one for you. We're showing you one set with two pendants so that you might see the front and back of the pendant. The smaller charms may vary as well

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