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Large Aged Tin Ex Voto (Milagro) of an Ear

Large Aged Tin Ex Voto (Milagro) of an Ear

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Ex votos are much the same as milagros, used as a votive offering in prayer to the Saints, to Jesus or to the Blessed Mother. Both milagros and ex votos are given either in gratitude for prayers answered or for an offering for prayers yet to be answered.

The believer chooses an ex voto (or milagro) that represents the subject of the prayer. This vintage-style ex voto was was created in the image of an ear. Perhaps it was meant to represent a prayer to heal an earache or even hearing loss. Alas, it might also be a significant sign to pray to be a better listener or to be heard.

This ex voto is new, made of tin that has been aged to appear old, and measures 3 inches high by 1-3/4 inch high. There is a punched hole at the top for hanging in the traditional manner with a simple tack or nail.

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