Large Black Mesh Millinery Rose
Large Black Mesh Millinery Rose

Large Black Mesh Millinery Rose

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When we first ordered this rose, we thought it would be different: a nice millinery-quality black rose. But, we were so very taken when it arrived. The sample we saw was not half as wonderful as the real thing! We are delighted to offer this to you - especially as it has so very many possibilities! It is made of a terrifically resilient coarse mesh fabric that allows you to adjust it slightly to your liking.

It's perfect for a hat, of course - either black felt or even a straw summer hat. Consider it also as a corsage. Use several to make a special neckline on a black leotard or tank. Add some frills and baubles for a special decorating ornament.

It would also be fantastic as an adornment for Catrina, the queen of the Day of the Dead celebrations.

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