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Large Hand Carved Coiled Snake Wooden Ojime Bead

Large Hand Carved Coiled Snake Wooden Ojime Bead

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Made in China


Traditional Japanese Design
Our tightly coiled snake ojime beads are hand carved by contemporary master carvers in China, inspired by true original Japanese ojime. Each one takes up to four hours for the artisan to be pleased that the bead has been completed.
The detail is simply amazing. The face, the tail and the tiny scales.

The hole runs from top to bottom through the bottom. If you choose to sit our sly snake in a shrine or other assemblage, you'll find that the hole does not detract to such use.

Each bead is slightly different due to the nature of the boxwood and the individual artist's style. It measures 26mm by 17mm (about 1 inch by 2/3 inch). The whole size varies from 1 - 3.5 mm.

Ojime beads are typically worn along with a netsuki to gracefully adorn traditional clothing for both women and men. Many modern jewelry artists use ojime beads as a focal point on necklaces and such.

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