Large Handmade Coral Skull Bead

Large Handmade Coral Skull Bead

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Our imposing coral skull bead is quite stunning when simply added to a cord and knotted at the bottom. As an addition to a Day of the Dead ofrenda or an assemblage tableau, it is incomparable.

This unique looking bead has been hand carved and is one of a kind. It measures approximately 1-1/4 inch high by 13/16 inch wide and 3/4 inch from front to back. The skull sits comfortably at a slight angle when placed on the back of his head on a hard surface, so the bead may easily us it as an embellishment instead of a bead.

There is a unique stringing system. There are two stringing holes on the top and one behind his chin. Both of the top holes lead to the bottom one. This characteristic lends itself to creating a pendant set between two beaded sides of a necklace. These are not imposing holes, so you might choose to use only one of the top ones.

Beads like this one-of-a-kind bead are no longer easily available. There is a natural matrix in the coral, so you will see not only the familiar deep red, but also shades of pink and cream. The bead has been polished, but some of the natural intricacies are still visible, including a natural brown as you can see in the photo of the back of the bead.

Many of the coral beads today are made of reconstituted coral, made of coral shavings mixed with resin or glue. Our skull is not quite vintage, as it is from the late 1990s.

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