Large Handmade Heart Amulet for Luck and Love
Large Handmade Heart Amulet for Luck and Love

Large Handmade Heart Amulet for Luck and Love

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* Made in Mexico

This large Mexican packet amulet is decorated with so very many meaningful items that it is hard to describe! The centerpiece is a herradura (magnetic horseshoe) wrapped with colorful rayon thread. Round, flower and leaf sequins are spread throughout.

The horseshoe faces downward in the middle of the red paper covered heart. It frames a holy picture of San Martin Caballero the patron of luck and money. Wooden crosses are at each of the top corners.

This special amulet also contains wheat stalks, golden threads and seeds. The small packet covered in velvet usually contains wheat seeds or grain, representing gold dust - or, seeds of the Job's tears plant for protection.

Each of these amulets is basically the same, but, of course, because they are each hand-made, you can rest assured that each is also unique, and the maker affixes a special stamped paper on the back with spiritual images specific to that maker. The entire piece is covered with vinyl film and arrives with a hanging string.

This makes a lovely engagement or wedding gift, offering protection for the new couple. Of course, we cannot promise that it does have powers, but oftentimes, belief is what is most powerful.

Because each heart is a bit different, measurements are approximate: 6-1/4 inches wide by 7 inches high.

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