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Large Handmade Heradura Amulet featuring Santa Barbara

Large Handmade Heradura Amulet featuring Santa Barbara

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Made in Mexico

This large Mexican packet amulet is decorated with so very many meaningful items that it is hard to describe! The centerpiece is a printed portrait of Saint Barbara, the patron of so many (including mineworkers, milliners, the military and firefighters, among others). She is the protector against storms, lightening and guns and ammunition.

Also included are an amulet bag, Legitimo Polvo de Guaraya (powder of the guaraya berry), believed to protect against salaciousness and witchcraft. Additionally there painted seeds and a real full-size used herradura (horseshoe). The amulet is loaded with red and orange glitter and the horseshoe is tied on with red thread, to represent strength.

Chuparrosas are thought to bring true and honest love to those near them, as well.

Each of these is 10 inches high by 8 inches wide and all are basically the same. The entire piece is covered with vinyl film and arrives with a hanging string. There is a description on the back (in Spanish) regarding The Secret of the Virtuous Horseshoe. The horseshoe must be real and used and always faces downward. It might be covered in felt, rayon, silk or glitter, so that the original iron or metal is mostly not seen.

The legend is about an Asian Indian merchant who found hidden treasure and future wealth because he had a lucky horseshoe. Each work week, he hung his horseshoe in his shop in a protected area and recited the luck-invoking phrase CITRUM NUEVE each day when he arrived at work. On Friday, at the end the workday, he would remove his horseshoe to a protected place known to no other. It is believed that this practice afforded him the luxury of surpassing his competitors in business. Combining the luck of the horseshoe with the protection of Saint Barbara, one can only imagine the powers that this amulet purports.

Now we cannot promise that this will work for you, but you never know what will happen if you believe!

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