Large Raven or Crow Puppet - Rare
Large Raven or Crow Puppet - Rare

Large Raven or Crow Puppet - Rare

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With its movable beak, and your scariest voice, this cool Raven puppet will crow, "Nevermore!" from right above your chamber door. As handsome as this guy looks in the illustration, he's even better in Person!

Both crows and ravens are highly intelligent and are prevalent figures in traditional mythology and fairy tales worldwide. Often depicted as a trickster or a creator, this Raven will make a perfect storytelling companion, especially for an evening's reading of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven.

This marvelously fat and feathery fellow is made of furry plush that resembles feathers. His moveable mouth allows him to almost speak! There are wing pockets for extra movement. So, if you're ambidextrous, you'll really make him animated! He measures 20 inches long and is 16 inches tall and is about 8 inches wide, when his wings are tucked against him.

His hang tag includes lots of raven facts and a Native American Indian Raven legend.

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