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Large Santa DieCut and Embossed Scrap

Large Santa DieCut and Embossed Scrap

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Unknown Origin, Probably Made in Germany

This reproduction of an antique scrap is new, but in the tradition of Victorian scraps. Our Santa Claus measures 8 inches high and is carrying a bag full of toys and goodies. This scrap has been intricately pre-trimmed - making it ready to use on any project. It is lightly embossed, just like the vintage ones!

This light weight paper scrap can easily be attached to a card to make a delightful gift tag, or an old-fashioned ornament or as an addition to your holiday artwork.

Use a bit of mica or glass glitter and you might even fool someone into thinking this is an old one.

Traditionally such scraps were used to top Lebkuchen cookies.

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