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Large Sterling Silver Sugar Skull Bead by Anne Choi

Large Sterling Silver Sugar Skull Bead by Anne Choi

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We bought these gorgeous beads initially to make some special necklaces and then only made a few. Once you've seen the splendid detail in any bead by Ms Choi, you'll be addicted to her work. The intricate detail of her design is second only to the concentrated and detailed effort of a celebrated artist as well as the perfect artisan, who completes each bead by hand. From start to finish, each bead is created separately by the artist.

Her work is steeped in tradition - not just her tradition, but those of world folklore, culture and spirit. The patination and oxidation highlight the shadows of her work spectacularly. She hand polishes each piece so that her personality strikes through the bead right to you.

Her Day of the Dead Sugar Skull is surrounded by flowers and branches and is at once elegant and sweet. The image is the same on either of the larger side of the bead. On each shorter side, it reads:


The provocative message is such that it makes one think and smile, just like the image itself.

These are large beads, made totally of sterling silver, with a small hole that runs from top to bottom in the middle of the bead. This allows you to make a great pendant, too!

Each bead measures 1 inch high by 7/8 inch wide by 3/8 inch thick. Though substantial in size and structure, these beads are hollow, so they are lightweight enough for use in any project. We're showing two beads for illustration only.

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