Large Vibrant Bark Paper Amate Painting
Both Amate Paintings

Large Vibrant Bark Paper Amate Painting

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The Nahua Indians of Guerrero, Mexico, are famed for their unique paintings on bark paper - paper fashioned from tree bark. Originally, their artwork was featured on their pottery, but their customers were so enamoured with the intricacies of the ceramic work, they prodded them into creating wall art.

The term amate refers to that type of paper made from tree bark. The Otomi Indians usually make this fine paper from fig trees. It is a time consuming process as the bark is washed, then boiled and then set out in lines. The artisans use stones or rocks to beat the bark until the wood pieces amalgamate.

The colors of the amate paintings are vibrant and depict village, wildlife and traditions and look vibrant against the naturally dark brown of the bark paper. Due to the nature of bark paper, it is variegated, just as is tree bark.

Each of these amate paintings is large, approximately 23 inches high by 15-1/2 inches wide. Because of the natural materials, there may be a slight variation.

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