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Large Vintage Rusty Circular Buckle

Large Vintage Rusty Circular Buckle

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In our never ending search to bring you exciting and unique items, we came across this wonderful rusty vintage buckle. It was a part of a larger group of buckles, but we thought this piece was too special on its own. We believe that it was originally used as part of a harness for a horse, as we found it in a barn.

It measures 3-1/2 inches in diameter and is 1/4 inch thick in diameter. The latch is 3-3/4 inches long and can freely move around the circle. As it is rusty, we believe that it is made from either iron or steel. We have not attempted to clean this piece, as we did not want to ruin the natural signs of aging that it has accrued through the years.

If you choose to use this buckle as is, you might want to use a sealer to help preserve its current look.

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