Large Vintage WOMAN PRAYING Silver Metal Milagro
Large Vintage WOMAN PRAYING Silver Metal Milagro

Large Vintage WOMAN PRAYING Silver Metal Milagro

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This very special vintage milagro is from Mexico and measures 2 inches high by almost 1 inch wide. It is quite old; you'll see that by the weight and artisanship. This was obviously made in the ages old traditional manner - where each milagro was created by hand and hand carved.

There is a hanging hole at the top for you to nail this to your shrine, retablo or other artwork or devotional piece. You might even use it as a charm or pendant.

The image is of a woman praying, kneeling with his hands clasped in front of her.

Milagros, or Miracles, found in many areas of Latin America, are used by the people to petition saints for help or protection. In many of the churches one can see wooden statues of various saints, the Virgin Mary, or of Christ. on these figures, the people often pin metal images of arms, legs, animals, praying figures or other symbols of their prayers.

Milagros serve to remind the saint of the person's prayers or to thank the saint for prayers that have been answered. Horse or sheep figures may be left to ask for help in healing a sick animal or for fertility.

Students may leave an open book asking for divine intervention in their grades. Hearts are often left to thank the saint for answering the prayers of the lovelorn. Each Milagro is specially made for a unique purpose, so the variety is enormous.

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