Leonardo (daVinci) on the Human Body
Leonardo (daVinci) on the Human Body

Leonardo (daVinci) on the Human Body

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This exceptional volume reproduces more than 1200 of Leonardo da Vinci's anatomical drawings on 215 clearly printed black-and-white plates. The drawings have been arranged in chronological sequence to display Leonardo's development as an anatomist and growth as an artist.

His text, which accompanies the drawings, sometimes, explanatory, sometimes autobiographical and anecdotal, has been translated into English by the distinguished medical professors Drs. O'Malley and Saunders. In their fascinating biographical introduction, the authors evaluate Leonardo's position in the historical development of anatomy and anatomical illustration.

Each plate is is accompanied by explanatory notes, an evaluation of the individual plate and an indication of its relationship to the work as a whole; and a new attempt is made at establishing the dates of the plates on the basis of anatomical content.

Carefully detailed and accurate in their data, beautiful and vibrant in their technique, these drawings remain today - nearly five centuries later - the finest anatomical drawings ever made!

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