Les Chats (Cats) by Ochoa Artistamps/Faux Postes
Les Chats (Cats) by Ochoa Artistamps/Faux Postes

Les Chats (Cats) by Ochoa Artistamps/Faux Postes

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Such superb printing and such elegant subjects as paintings of cats by Isy Ochoa are on this set of SilverCrow's artists' artistamps. Usually only sold in the world's best museums, SilverCrow is proud to offer you our artistamps.
Presented in 5 by 6 inches sheets of 6 stamps each, with water-activated adhesive in the fashion of traditional postage. Each artistamp is approximately 1-9/16 by 2 inches.

Each of these sweet kitties is presented with sunflowers, a sun or a moon or another delight. The cats also feature a French quotation around each one:
  • Siamois (Siamese)
    Rien ne me divertit comme un chat dans une basse-cour.
    Nothing amuses me more than a cat in a poultry yard.
    -Victor Hugo

  • Burmese (Burmese)
    Nos compagnons les plus parfaits n'ont jamais moins de quatre pattes.
    Our most perfect companions never have less than four legs.

  • Birman (Birman)
    L'idéal du calme est dans un chat assis.
    The ideal of calm exists in a sitting cat.
    -Jules Renard

  • Chartreux (Chartreux)
    Je préfère les chats aux chiens car il n'y a pas de chat policier.
    I prefer cats to dogs because there is no such thing as a police cat.

  • Européen (European Shorthair)
    J'aime le chat parce qu'il sait toutes les choses fondamentales.
    I love the cat because he knows all the fundamental things.
    -Claude Roy

  • Persan (Persian)
    À fréquenter le chat, on ne risque que de s'enrichir.
    By associating with cats, one only risks becoming richer.
Please remember that these are faux postes and not to be used to replace the true postage necessary for mailing!

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