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Letterpress Fine Greeting Card: I love you to death

Letterpress Fine Greeting Card: I love you to death

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Made in USA

We just love letterpress cards and letters. The elegance of vintage stationery is all but forgotten. We're simply delighted that some smaller companies are offering the same high-quality papers and designs with a modern touch - so we can offer them to you! The simple design represents the simple sentiment so well. And, of course, because it is letterpress, you can feel the imprint of the images and sentiments with your fingers.

An elegant Victorian-style wooden coffin is printed on the front of the card, topped off by a flowery heart. On the top of the box is a cross and on the sides, two Day of the Dead style skeletons adorn the carrying handles.

Inside, there is an image of two graves, side-by-side, with the same heart repeated inside and the sentiment, in a flowery font, matching the heart, reads:


The 4-3/4 inch card is morbidly sweet. Consider it for a Valentine or for any time you want to make a lifetime commitment. This fine greeted card is printed on fine pressed cardstock with sepia-toned ink.

Please remember that square greeting cards require extra postage.

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