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Life's Little Miseries Gift Wrap Paper (Rolled Sheet)
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Life's Little Miseries Gift Wrap Paper (Rolled Sheet)

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This elegant gift wrap features a number of vignettes highlighting those miserable little events that highlight depressing days.

Whether it be falling from a tree, getting a scolding or being marooned on a miniature island, these vintage scenes certainly will nudge a chuckle from even the most despondent of gift recipients.

We think this so very appropriate for a get well gift, or for someone suffering a recent break-up. And, as with all great gift wrap, you'll find it brilliant when used in your book art, collage and assemblage projects. It is so gorgeous, you might even consider framing it! Because the vignettes are all framed, they will be easy to cut out for your art.

Superbly printed on 20 by 28 inch sheets of fine and sturdy paper. The paper is rolled so that there will be no creases.

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