Little Tin of Faux Wampum Beads
Little Tin of Faux Wampum Beads

Little Tin of Faux Wampum Beads

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Our little tins contain over 25 beads made of clay to resemble true wampum. Wampum beads are usually created from the quahog shell and are very dear. These allow you a similar look at a much lower price. Created by artists who studied true wampum, the beads range from white to off-white to purple with white striping and pure purple. Each tin contains a random mix. of over 25 beads.

Because each bead is handmade, each is unique, just like the originals. The variegated coloring, in both the purple and white, is very much like the quahog and whelk shells from which true wampum beads are created. Each bead is about 10mm long and about 5mm in diameter. Use these with your regular stringing wire or silk, or use the traditional single-ply (imitation) sinew.

These beads are not Native American Indian produced, a Native American Indian product or the product of a particular Native American Indian, Native American Indian Tribe or Native American Indian Arts and Crafts Organization.

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