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Lovely Vintage Tin with Vibrantly Colored Image
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Lovely Vintage Tin with Vibrantly Colored Image

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These vintage metal boxes are available in several beautiful old-time images. Whether you would like to fly with the butterflies, swim the watery depths with a fish or run through a field of beautiful flowers; these boxes will transport you to your deepest desires. And, believe it or not - the image is on the bottom, too! So different.

If the images weren't enough on their own (which we think they are), imagine the possibilities and versatility of these tins.

Who wouldn't love to receive a gift placed inside of one? Imagine the surprise when opening the tin to find out what hiding in the tin. Or you can create a small shrine within one. Or use one to hold small items while in a purse (pills, mints, etc.) Or.... well, we can't give you all the ideas, let your imagination run wild.

Each box measures 2-3/8 inches wide x 1-7/8 inch long x 1/2 inch deep.

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