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MINI (2-inch) Day of the Dead Mariposa (Butterfly) Ornament

MINI (2-inch) Day of the Dead Mariposa (Butterfly) Ornament

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Made in Mexico
Each Day of the Dead Mini Butterfly is hand made in the tradition of the Day of the Dead pieces made by traditional Mexican artisans. And, it carries the significance of the butterfly - the metamorphosis from cocoon to beautiful butterfly! The gorgeous monarch butterflies that summer up north return to Mexico for the winter. They enjoy the protection of the oyamel fir trees.

Anyone would welcome the lovely butterflies just for their beauty, but the local residents believe that the butterflies bear the spirits of their beloved ancestors, which are honored during Los Dias de los Muertos. Each measures about 4 inches from top to bottom and just about 2 inches wide and has a self hanging hook on the back. Just like the rest of our Day of the Dead Figurines, each of these mariposas is hand made and decorated by traditional artisans in Mexico, so each will be unique. Please let us choose one for you.

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