Macuto Oya Amulet/Talisman (Multicolor)
Macuto Oya Amulet/Talisman (Multicolor)

Macuto Oya Amulet/Talisman (Multicolor)

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Created from cowrie shells and seed beads, the Macuto is an amulet prepared for the Orisha, a spirit or deity in the Yoruba system. The Oya amulet features beads of many colors (some of the beads may vary slightly) and a cowrie shell on either end. Oya is the goddess of cemeteries. Using her machete or sword of truth, she cuts through stagnation and cleans the way for new growth.

The Macuto is often called a bead, but there are no stringing holes that are easily apparent. Each amulet is hand made and therefore varies slightly, but all are approximately 1 inch wide by 1-3/8 inch from cowrie to cowrie.

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