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Magnificent Antiqued Silver Sword Pendant or Charm

Magnificent Antiqued Silver Sword Pendant or Charm

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Whether you are searching for (or have found) your knight in shining armor, or love the tales of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, you will adore this knight's  sword pendant.

This sword looks ready to be used in battle or to hang over the fireplace as part of a family crest, and a good size for your miniatures. Imagine re-creating the Battle of Stirling Bridge from Braveheart, the Battle of Minis Tirith from Return of the King, or any other battles be they real or fictional. 

The reversible pendant or charm measures 1-1/8 inch long including loop by 7/16 inch wide. 

When hanging, the sword also looks similar to a cross, so you could easily use it as such.

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