Make your Own Calendar Coloring Book with Free Crayons
Make your Own Calendar Coloring Book with Free Crayons

Make your Own Calendar Coloring Book with Free Crayons

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Here is a calendar without days! By numbering the days of the week for each month, matching holidays, birthdays and other special occasions with specific dates, and accounting for leap years and the different number of days in each month, children will gain a better understanding of numbers, the days of the week, months, dates, holidays and seasons - the whole meaning and day-to-day use of calendars.

Every child will make this delightful calendar distinctly his or her own by coloring Anna Pomaska's 12 lovely drawings for the months and the 4 for the seasons, each of which illustrates an appropriate holiday or seasonal theme (with firecrackers for July, pumpkins for October, and so on).

A special feature of this unique calendar is that it may be made to begin on any date and continue for a period of one year from that date. As it can be adapted to any year, it will not become outdated if not used immediately. A publisher's note explains in simple language how to being.

An ideal, inexpensive gift, this calendar coloring book will give children hours of pleasure and its a delightful and effective way to learn about the months and the seasons.

There are color illustrations on all 4 covers for inspiration. This wonderful soft-back coloring book measures 8-1/4 by 11 inches and is saddlewired with 32 pages.

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