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Matte Ceramic Sugar Skull Bead with Flower

Matte Ceramic Sugar Skull Bead with Flower

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Made in Peru

Each of these beads has been created by hand and then hand finished. Most of the skeleton has been finished in bisque (a matte textural finish). Little bits of shiny glaze have been added in white and in colors on the 3-dimensional accented parts (like the flowers). The eye sockets have been darkened, the teeth painted in and glazed and little filigree strokes have been added.

Every bead is hand painted and fired for a striking appearance. As you can see from the illustration, no two are painted the same, so please let us choose one for you. Colors vary, so we cannot promise a certain color, but if you choose to specify a color, we will try to honor your request. Each order brings us different colors, so our selection often varies.

Two beads shown for illustration of the variability only. Each bead measures about 3/4 by 1/2 inch. The stringing hole is about 1mm and runs from side to side at ear level.

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