Mecki & Other Fairy Tales Scraps

Mecki & Other Fairy Tales Scraps

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This is a reproduction of a vintage scrap from the early 20th century, made from the original molds and die cutters.

Mecki is that famous hedgehog, beloved by many in Germany and throughout Europe. He is in serious conversation with Mr. Rabbit. You'll find billy goats and gnomes, a princess, Cinderella, Snow White and her 7 friends, butterflies and frogs an a lovely little girl with a nightgown to catch the stars.

The original sheets were created by E. A. Schwerdtfeger are sometimes marked EAS. This company, created these wondrous sheets for 100 years (from 1880 to 1980).

The scrap relief sheet is approximately 9 inches by 7 inches, ready for you to clip and use in your artwork. And each sheet is artfully and embossed to accent the expert die cutting - so well done, that very little trimming is necessary.

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