Memento - Mystical Ravens Note Card
Memento - Mystical Ravens Note Card

Memento - Mystical Ravens Note Card

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What a marvelous image of a raven's faerie, complete with shiny black wings! The raven (or crow) converses with his lovely counterpart as their worlds meet under the moon.

The image on the front of the card is echoed mistily inside the card as well, muted enough for you to inscribe your message.

The card is accompanied by an illustrated envelope. But, for those of you who prefer your message to be sent incognito, we are adding, at no extra charge, a kraft "paper bag" style envelope just in that case.

This card was made using earth-friendly materials, with a minimum of 50 % post consumer recycled paper. The accompanying printed envelop is mixed-eco paper which may include sugarcane, kenaf, bamboo and recycled wood pulp. All printing is with soy based inks. The extra kraft envelope is made of recycled paper as well.

The card measures 4-7/8 by 7 inches.

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