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Milagro Gift Packet for that Special Woman or Girl

Milagro Gift Packet for that Special Woman or Girl

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Assembled in USA

It is important to tell those we love how much they mean to us as often as we might! This little gift packet will help you do just that.

Each package includes a sweet pin made of a silken ribbon and a milagro of a woman's countenance. Milagros, or Miracles, found in many areas of Latin America, are charms worn or posted on a church wall to petition the saints for help or protection. The charm, or milagro, is representative of the prayer. So, this lovely female milagro represents a petition to the saints to protect your loved one.

We've made it into a simple brooch with a bow, which may be worn or simply treasured. The pin is attached to a card of handmade paper and slipped inside a square handmade paper pouch decorated with a paper button. You might choose to write a prayer, secret or thank you note on the card before you give it away.

We're also including a vintage-style die-cut tag featuring a Victorian girl and a pansy, that may accompany your little gift.

We think this quite special, as it is more than just a material gift. It is the gift of your care and love when accompanied by your special sentiment.

Ribbon color and die-cut tag may vary slightly.

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